Murder at the Villa is Live!

The sixth book in the Word Travels Mobile Bookshop series is now available on Amazon! Here’s the blurb:

After Claudia Madison is featured in a national newspaper due to her amateur sleuth exploits, she’s invited to a murder mystery dinner hosted by her favorite author, Arden Billings. Claudia is thrilled by the invitation and is completely starstruck. To her surprise, Arden owns an Italian-style villa about half an hour away from Greenwood.

When they arrive at the villa, they realize that not everything is as it seems. Claudia and Aunt Daisy Mae are introduced to a host of strange characters, and the more time they spend with the eclectic group, the more they realize that something is amiss.

Their weekend of mystery fun is interrupted when one of the guests turns up dead, and all evidence points to Arden. The acclaimed author turns to Claudia for help, and Claudia is eager to prove Arden’s innocence. However, Aunt Daisy Mae is wary of Arden and wonders if Claudia’s judgement is impaired by her bias toward the suspect.

Will they be able to find out the true identity of the killer? Or will the murderer walk free because of Claudia’s partiality?

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