Nightshade Village Book 1 is Out Now!

Halloween is right around the corner, so I wanted to surprise you all with a light-hearted series featuring a witch sleuth. The first book in the new Nightshade Village Paranormal Cozy Mystery series is now available on Amazon!

Here’s the blurb:

From early childhood, Salem Donovan had always felt she was different. But she hadn’t perceived the extent of her powers…or the fact she was a witch.

An elderly woman moving in across the street sets off a series of events that leads to Salem attending Nightshade Village, a college for women with “special abilities.”

But upon arrival at the bizarre school, just as Salem’s true purpose reveals itself, tragedy strikes, and one of their own dies mysteriously.

Will Salem be able to use her growing powers to solve the mystery surrounding the witch’s death? Or will her own life be in jeopardy before she can realize her full potential?

Join Salem Donovan in the Nightshade Village series, a paranormal cozy mystery featuring a witch sleuth, magic and mayhem, and a mystery to solve.

E-Book Edition:

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Paperback Edition:

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