A Donation of Murder Is Now Available!

The twelfth book in the Seabreeze Bookshop series is now available on Amazon! Here’s the blurb:

Back at her gran’s Seabreeze Bookshop, Rue volunteers to sort items for a community-wide rummage sale in Somerset Harbor, a wealthy seaside enclave not far from Cape Cod. She is clearing out her own cluttered closet to contribute to the event, though since she has first pick on the bargains, she quickly replaces her donated items with some major finds.

But when a friend at a nearby business is murdered, Rue comes to realize that the piled-up bags and boxes contain more than just designer clothes and handbags. Clues begin to crop up while sorting the donations, pushing her once again into the middle of an investigation.

Will Rue manage to piece together the evidence and expose the killer? Or will she find herself in peril as she delves into the secrets hidden among the donations?

This fun-filled and clean bookshop cozy mystery will have you guessing until the very end.

E-Book Edition:

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Paperback Edition:

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  1. Claire Isenberg

    This series just keeps getting better & better! I truly didn’t want this one to end!

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